Batman comic books – How it all started

Who was first in the DC comics list of superheroes – Batman or Superman? For the Bat maniacs, I’m sorry to disappoint but it was Superman who was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Decade’s back it was known as Action Comic and was changed to DC (Detective Comics) comics in 1977.The first Superman comics was distributed in early 1939 and was considered as nonsense by the editor. But non-believers did a quick turnaround, they were bewildered by the market popularity and the tremendous sales of the Superman hero. An instant hit! With this success, there was a clamor from the readers for more fictional superheroes. This was when Batman comic books came to the scene in late 1939. Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, the first Batman comic books appeared in Detective Comics # 27. Again, this spawned popularity sufficient enough to generate his own series.

Walking down memory lane with Batman

Batman comic books portray Batman with a characteristic that is distinct from other superheroes, he is an ordinary human being with no super powers to battle his opponents. Batman comic books depict him as a caped crusader who fights criminals using his instincts, combative techniques, money, and investigative abilities. Walking down memory lane, Batman comic books unfolds the story of our superhero. As a youngster, he witnessed the death of his parents by a small time crook named Joe Chill who held them up and shot them. Batman comic books gave him a secret identity as Bruce Wayne, an American billionaire playboy, businessman, and philanthropist in the fictional Gotham City. To get back, he vowed a continuous war on crime and uphold justice. He is ably backed by Robin, Alfred his butler, and police commissioner Gordon.

Batman comic books have a wide assortment of colorful villains to battle with such as the Penguin, the Joker, Two-Face, the Riddled, Cat woman, Poison Ivy, and much more. Each has their own army of evil-doers, devious in their ways, and of course the mutual evil mind. They have one thing in common – to get Batman at all costs Since its inception, Batman comic books had shown prominently in the top ten sales of fictional superheroes. In the top ten most valuable comics that were bought by collectors, two were on the list.

• Detective Comics No. 27 distributed May 1939, the first Batman comic books sold for 10 cents. Ranked second that was bought for $1,380,000.

• Batman No.1 Spring Issue, sold for 10 cents this was the first team-up of Batman and Robin. Ranked seven that was bought for $359,000.

Things that Batman use in fighting villains

sswithout any superpowers, he has only himself and gadgets to deal with his adversaries. Born with a golden spoon he has the resources to tap bright minds to teach him about different subject matters like criminology, anatomy, chemistry and fields that developed his investigative prowess. In the field of martial arts, he had developed his own style which is a combination of Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Batman comic books equipped him with his gadgets to combat malefactors. The bat-mobile always get him in locations well ahead of the villains. His bat-suit is bullet-proof, tear resistant, and immune to temperature change which gives him protection. The utility belt is a crime fighting kit that contain advanced technologies.